With Beepass from this year it will be



After 2 years of analysis and study we can argue that, in this period flogged by Covid, there are not only VAT numbers that suffer but there are also companies that are born thanks to the sharing of skills and the desire to redeem themselves, to relaunch the country and the tourism, to create new opportunities by taking advantage of the moment to evolve.

In a delicate period like this we have decided to anticipate the times for the relaunch of accommodation activities by increasing our efforts to be able to offer something that can improve and help a sector such as tourism: a sector that in Italy produces at least 10% of the national GDP. .

Thus it happens that thanks to the idea of ​​creating a specific complete 360 ​​° service that Andrea Veronese, Carlo Nordio and SGi Srl, in the figure of Enrico Giuriolo, decided to found BEEPASS: the strong experience of SGI in the field of management software for hotels of luxury leads us to create and develop a Web platform, compatible and adaptable to the mobile phone, able to satisfy the user who must use it and to simplify the management of the service provider. BeePass is the Booking of the beaches equipped with a complete management system including all the services connected to the reception of the guest in the establishment as well as connected with the bar and restaurant activities, guaranteeing the customer the simplicity of booking in just 3 clicks, leaving it as unique thought to enjoy the holidays.

For the manager? A management engine equipped with a complete CRM and the security of working with a web platform used for years in the luxury hotel sector. A service similar to the many created for the coordination of reservations but which, in reality, adds the security of complete management and access control by issuing tickets sent to the guest directly via WhatsApp accompanied by a variety of advantages and discounts for related services.

Beepass is efficiency !! A platform that is always updated on the services offered, fast and automatic, capable of eliminating the wait for ticket delivery: with BeePass you can directly access the beach without losing a moment of sun and without stress booking simplicity requires 3 steps: just choose the establishment, the row of the umbrella including the number of beds you want and proceed with the electronic payment.

The freedom of using your mobile phone in this moment of COVID emergency designed precisely to avoid direct contact which, on the other hand, the delivery of automatic systems (such as Rfid bracelets for access) behind the protections made with plexiglass panels cause the formation of unmanageable queues. None of this !!! Thanks to the collaboration of the managers of the bathing establishments and the responsibility of the customers, all this can be avoided by returning to experience the beach with the same emotions as always but protected.

This way, guests will not create queues and gatherings while waiting to receive their ticket, having already received it via smartphone; even the reception staff will no longer have to check the entrance ticket because they will be able to monitor everything thanks to a tablet, avoiding any contact and maintaining the necessary social distance.

With these winning ideas we have created BeePass, a service for the manager who can dedicate himself to providing the best service to the customer who will only have to think about relaxing.

With Beepass from this year it will be #safetourism

Who's who

Andrea Veronese

I am Andrea Veronese, born in 1992, born in Chioggia and lover of my territory.

In life, commercial Telco and ICT for companies, this experience has led me to approach customers and people.

Over the years I have learned that the people who make the difference are not those who create problems or complain, but those who find simple but at the same time effective solutions to increase the business of those who have placed their trust in us; from here the BeePass idea was born together with Carlo Nordio and Enrico Giuriolo, a simple and effective service for any user and even more a performing solution for suppliers, trying to help our region to relaunch tourism.

Carlo Nordio

Chioggiotto of origin and Paduan by adoption, I am an engineer and I deal with Power Quality that is the analysis of the energy consumption of companies to understand the ways in which energy is consumed to improve use, making it more efficient and reducing the energy bill. The exploitation of renewable energies represents the innovation to which we must all orient ourselves.

From this propensity to analysis, the BeePass idea was born to make the management of bathing establishments simple and intuitive. The customer and the manager must be able to communicate in a simple and comprehensive way to match the needs of one with the service provided by the other. Our experience and the friendship that binds us has transformed the common idea into an entrepreneurial reality.


Enrico Giuriolo, born in Padua in 1969, graduated in Engineering in 1996 and founder of SGI Servizi Informatici in 1999, a company specializing in information technology and computer engineering (www.sgiservizi.net).

He has more than twenty years of experience in the conception, design, implementation and maintenance of hardware and software solutions for companies in general and, in particular, for the luxury hospitality market.

IT consultant, decision maker and project manager in outsourcing for private and public companies, which require the analysis of the state of affairs and the development of integrated technological solutions for the improvement of business efficiency.


BEEPASS is an innovative start-up founded by 3 friends with different stories gained in the world of services.

Thanks to the experience acquired in the creation of management software for luxury hotels, we have created a management system of the bathing establishment including all the related services to which is added the automatic control of the accesses inside the beach: the entrance ticket will be completely digital and managed by a turnstile at the entrance of each plant.

The revolution we are bringing to this business environment always passes through access to the tourist facility: our vision, now a reality, leads the user to confirm their reservation by paying in advance for the service required to use it from the moment they arrive.

Mobile technology is evolving more and more rapidly and our task is to offer increasingly advanced services that allow access to any structure that is increasingly convenient and rapid and such as not to involve the user in queues and gatherings to buy the entrance ticket. : with a few clicks you can buy the ticket and access without any queue only and exclusively with the use of your mobile phone.

To all this, a Web Analytics system will make it possible to monitor and improve the visibility of each structure more and more by seeking the favorable opinion of users.

A Brand New B-Keeper Spinoff

Manager app

To simplify the entry operations to the establishment, also in compliance with the anti COVID-19 requirements, we have made available a new Mobile App to make the control by managers simple but rigorous without causing crowds for access to the beach.

If you are a manager you can download it from here or from the Stores of your system (GoogleStore or AppleStore)


Coming Soon